Month 1 - My development in 1 month

  • You might be surprised by my appearance because I don’t resemble a newborn child from the ads.
  • My head is a bit misshapen and my eyelids are swollen.
  • My body and face is covered with hematomas which are a result of me squeezing through your birth canal.
  • My nipples are swollen as a result of the influence of placental hormones and prolactin.
  • You can notice soft lanugo hair covering my body and even ears.
  • There are two fontanelles on my head. These are membranes which connect my skull bones.
  • I’m so fragile and my body is limp and small.

Baby development in 1 week

  • I will no longer look like a small boxer. The redness and swelling will go down.
  • You can observe how the shape of my head is changing. It’s becoming more round instead of being elongated.
  • Most newborn babies experience newborn jaundice. Its symptoms normally develop on the second day after birth and it reaches its peak on the fifth day.
  • Physiologic jaundice is not dangerous, mom. Phototherapy treatment doesn’t have to be introduced if the bilirubin levels are not increasing.
  • Within the second or third day of life, I can lose weight. This is a normal process called the physiological weight loss.

Baby development in 2 week

  • My umbilical cord stump should fall off at this time.
  • I now spend most of my time sleeping. I can even sleep up to 20 hours per day.
  • While I’m asleep you might be surprised by uncoordinated movements of my arms and legs as well as the twitching of my face muscles. Some claim it is a result of having dreams.
  • You might think that I’m only a passive observer, but in reality I process everything that I see happening around me although I can only see things up close.

Week 3. - What happens the 3. week after birth?

  • Crying is my only means of communication. It helps me express when I’m feeling uncomfortable because of a wet diaper or because I’m in pain, or the fact that I’m hungry or need to go to sleep.
  • I spend 10% of my day being active. When my eyes are open, you can talk to me in a calm voice or hum melodies.
  • I like lying on my back. Lying on my tummy can be tiring for me, but don’t be discouraged by my fussiness and try to put me in this position as often as possible.
  • In the third week of life you can observe what my temperament is going to be. Lively, loud newborns stay active and calm babies will stay calm.
  • I can recognize your smell and the sound of your voice and when you come closer I will also be able to see you.

Week 4 - How is my baby development at 4 week?

  • My skin doesn’t resemble a newborn’s skin anymore. It’s smooth, light, and uniform in colour.
  • I get cold quite fast. The so-called mottled skin, which has patchy and irregular colour, can be a sign that my body’s temperature is dropping.
  • You can already hear slight purring or other guttural noises, apart from crying.
  • I now open my fists more and more often. By doing so, I communicate that I’m ready to explore the world.
  • I can rest my eyes on your face for a long while as it’s the most beautiful view.