Month 10 - Baby's development at 9 months of age

  • I try to pull myself up to stand next to furniture, but returning to the sitting position is still a problem for me.
  • I turn my head towards the sounds.
  • I can sit steadily without support and, at this time, I’m also able to hold toys in both of my hands.
  • I experience huge separation anxiety, even if it’s for the shortest time. Your patience, closeness, and support will help me overcome this fear.
  • I already know around 30 words, many more than I’m able to say.
  • I will coo pronouncing many syllables. It will sometimes be intentional and sometimes just so that I can hear your voice.
  • I intently listen to monotonous sounds such as the sound of the intercom or an oven.

Week 37. - What is my baby development at 37 week ?

  • I already express my feelings by wanting to touch you to show you that I love you.
  • I’m trying to imitate and repeat your movements and facial expressions.
  • I like toys in bright and contrasting colours. I especially enjoy the ones that move or make sounds.
  • I’m attached to you very much and I will be averse to strangers, especially if they want to hold me.
  • I’m getting better at recognizing my name. I’m just learning it and I will soon be reacting to it.

Week 38. - Newborn's 38. week - what to expect

  • I’m getting better at chewing. My emerging teeth will make this ability more effective. I will strengthen my jaw by chewing food.
  • I’m continuing to develop my visual-motor coordination and motor skills.
  • I can already crawl and being able to freely move around and discover the world is so much fun for me.
  • I grab smaller items using the so-called pincer grasp, using my index finger and thumb.
  • I don’t bounce anymore when I stand with your support. My legs are stable.

Week 39. - What happens the 39. week after birth?

  • I can move my arms deliberately and in a planned manner.
  • My head is becoming proportional to the rest of my body and my growing arms and legs.
  • I discover the world and learn about it not only through games but also thanks to your presence.
  • I like eating independently. The fact that I don’t reach for the spoon yet and prefer eating with my fingers is normal. Not everything can find its way into my mouth just yet.
  • I can laugh spontaneously.

Week 40. - How is my baby development at 40 week?

  • I study items by throwing them to the ground or hitting them on the table. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like them.
  • I begin to address my cooing to particular people. I’m not only trying to get their attention, but those are the beginnings of a real conversation.
  • I will be inspecting and comparing my toys while holding them in both hands.
  • I enjoy expressing my feelings. A teddy bear or a soft doll might be great at this stage of my development.
  • I’m getting better and better at interpreting your words. I begin to understand the purpose of items and I’m able to classify them.