Month 11 - My child's development at 11 months

Mom, I’m already 10 months old! I gain around 12/13 grams per day, which equals 84 to 91 grams per week and 360 to 390 grams per month. I grow between 0.25 to 0.5 centimeters per month. If I’m a girl, I might weigh 8.9 kilograms and measure around 72 centimeters. If I’m a boy then my weight can reach 9.2 kilos and my height is 73 centimeters.

Remember that this is only statistics. Each child develops at its own pace which is influenced by many factors.

Mom, this month:

  • I will be making further progress in being able to stand upright independently.
  • My mobility will increase. I will pick up and drop different items with a lot of satisfaction.
  • I will try to communicate with you by pointing my hand or finger to fascinating items and turning my head in the direction I find interesting.
  • My activities are becoming increasingly intentional. I can get you to understand clearly what I like and what I don’t like. I will also show you whenever I need help.
  • My cooing is already becoming completely conscious and I would like you to respond to me. Don’t be ashamed to babble and make gestures along with me.
  • Fear of strangers might appear at this time as well as separation anxiety and the fear of being left alone.
  • I will repeat sounds that I hear, e.g. sneezing, smacking, or coughing.
  • I can distinguish your voice and voices of other household members and animals which you have imitated and shown me.
  • I’m able to repeat simple movements and facial expressions after you.
  • My cognitive and manipulative abilities are developing. I enjoy playing with toys which I can turn or press. I have a lot of fun playing with moving parts or lights.

Week 41. - What is my baby development at 41 week ?

  • I already know between 30 and 40 words. I still understand many more than I can express. Read me stories as much as you can, show me pictures and explain what is in them. That’s how you can support my speech apparatus.
  • I already know perfectly well what the cause and effect relationship is. Turning the lights off means sleep and drawing the water for a bath means that it’s time to be washed. If we haven’t managed to create certain routines yet, it’s never too late for that.
  • I don’t cry as much in new situations and I’m increasingly getting used to them.
  • I’m beginning to think more and more logically. I draw conclusions based on previous experiences. Everything that you show me is educational! Thanks for that, mommy!
  • I know how to express my dissatisfaction by waving my arms and/or legs. Try to be patient and understanding in such situations. Explain what is happening to me and why I have a right to be unhappy.

Week 42. - Newborn's 42. week - what to expect

  • I love smiling! I might now bother you only so that you would smile at me and make me laugh. If you smile at me, it will activate my sense of self-worth and benefit my future!
  • I love discovering things! Play hide and seek with me or hide my favourite toy under a pillow and you’ll see how much fun I have looking for it. Be appreciative of my attempts to find the toy. It gives me a lot of confidence.
  • It is now I who will initiate having fun. Follow my lead and stick with me with whatever game I’m currently engrossed in.
  • I’m getting increasingly better at interpreting the names of different objects. Also, I’m good at guessing their purpose.
  • I might be afraid of strangers. It’s a temporary stage which will disappear with age. When you notice that I’m afraid, stay close to me, hug me, and comfort me.

Week 43. - What happens the 43. week after birth?

  • I might try to take my first small steps to the side, next to furniture or a sofa. Make sure all dangerous places are secured so that I could freely practice, please.
  • Despite knowing how to crawl, I might sometimes lose my balance. It nothing that should worry you.
  • You might notice that when you hold me by my arms, I will start moving forward. Although it gives me joy, don’t do it as it is unhealthy for me.
  • I can already understand the meaning of “don’t do it”. I will stop my activities for a while when you say it emphatically, but don’t count on me not trying to make further attempts at touching things I’m not allowed to.
  • I’m interested in toys which are not really toys. Let me play with a wooden spoon or a sifter.

Week 44. - How is my baby development at 44 week?

  • I’m discovering a new way of holding a toy. I might grab it by its handle, sticking-out button, or other elements that are interesting for me.
  • I will be satisfied and happy with things I come up with myself. You will see it on my face.
  • My sense of touch is developing. When I take an object into my hands, I analyse it thoroughly based on its temperature, texture, and shape.
  • I’m developing my speech through fun. Describe the toys I play with. It will expand my vocabulary in the future.
  • I might become afraid to take a bath. You can give up on baths for a while, still taking care of proper hygiene of my hands, private parts, and face.