Month 12 - I am one year old already. What's going on with me?

  • I’m going to be very curious about the world. I will open every cupboard or drawer, look into every box, take things out and move them around.
  • I might be jealous of you. I understand perfectly well that each of the household members has their own name and I know who you are talking about.
  • It’s beginning to hit me that I’m a separate individual. I’m starting to show my personality and I might object to your orders.
  • I move around using my legs efficiently. I’m able to handle standing without support and I can also bend over to reach a toy or an interesting object.
  • I can pronounce and understand two-syllable words such as “papa”, “mama”, “dada”.
  • I’m going to perfect my ability to hold objects with precision. I want to imitate your movements when you eat or brush your teeth.
  • I don’t want to interact with other children yet, but I can easily play among them.
  • I’m going to sleep for around 13 hours and not 16, as previously. My naps during the day will become shorter and less frequent

I will already be one year old this month! This is the last month in which you can call me an infant.

  • I’m becoming increasingly independent. I want to turn the page in my book, eat with a spoon, or drink from a cup without any help.
  • I can focus for 5-10 minutes.
  • My actions are becoming increasingly intentional and I’m perfecting deductive reasoning.
  • I’m becoming increasingly more social although I feel best in the presence of other household members whom I cheerfully greet and happily play with.
  • I quickly understand what makes you happy and I repeat my behaviour until you react to it.
  • My appetite will be lower because I don’t gain weight so quickly anymore.

Week 45. - What is my baby development at 45 week ?

  • My eyesight is developing quickly and becoming sharper. This allows me to analyse what is happening around me and observe moving objects with greater attention. During a walk, stop for a bit to show me things I haven’t seen before, e.g. flying birds or frolicking dogs.
  • I make my first attempts at being independent. I can use a spoon to eat and I hold a cup of water on my own. Make sure I get plenty of opportunities to practice these skills.
  • I will be reacting to my name more and more often. I will be pleased to turn around when you call me.
  • I will be naming objects in my own way for now. Thanks to exercises though, I will be able to name them correctly in the future.
  • I can focus for longer now. Therefore, you can show me books and colourful pictures. Tell me about the characters that I see.

Week 46. - Newborn's 46. week - what to expect

  • I might start repeating some sounds after you. Tell me what sounds dogs or cats make and you’ll see that I can make them too.
  • I can deal with pieces of food. I practice chewing and biting of solid foods.
  • I rebel loudly when there’s something I don’t like. I might scream or scowl to show my unwillingness to do certain things.
  • I repeat words that I hear and I can even use them in the right context.
  • I laugh out loud and I expect you to accompany me in my mischief. A sense of humour has a tremendous impact on my intellectual development.

Week 47. - What happens the 47. week after birth?

  • I’m interested in educational toys as well as those which require me to fit an object into a proper hole.
  • I’m trying to stand on my own. I might let go of my support, bend my knees, and put my arms to the sides in order to get my balance.
  • I have mastered the pincer grasp and I can easily control my thumb and my index finger.
  • I sometimes manage to stand on one foot. This is a normal exercise in the process of learning how to walk.
  • I interpret the names of individual objects accurately. I’m able to find them with my eyes whenever you mention them.

Week 48. - How is my baby development at 48 week?

  • I’m very active and I love all games that force me to be mobile, e.g. playing chase.
  • I enjoy playing with the smallest objects as well as big colourful balls.
  • I can signal when I want something and shake my head when I’m not happy about something.
  • I can already consciously follow your instructions, e.g. “open your mouth”, “grab a mug”.
  • I will make my first attempts at climbing stairs. Baby-proof them in an appropriate way so that I don’t hurt myself.