Month 2 - 2 months of life of the newborn

  • This is the time during which I stop looking like a newborn. My head is becoming more shapely, my body less red, the swelling goes down, and blemishes disappear, along with dry skin and blackheads.
  • I can sleep even up to 20 hours per day and I’m not very social and interested in the world yet.
  • My body stretches, however, I still pull my legs up and my arms in.
  • My eyesight is slowly becoming sharper. I see best within 20-30 centimeters. This is why I feel safe during breastfeeding. I can see you best from the distance of your arms and bosom.
  • I adjust my behaviour to the sound and tone of your voice. It calms me down when you speak calmly, quietly, and melodically.
  • I’m not aware that I’m a separate being yet. It seems to me that you and I are one.
  • I experience the Moro reflex as a result of a sudden sound or movement. I suddenly splay my arms and legs and then bring them back to my body, clenching my fists.

Week 5. - What is my baby development at 5 week ?

  • I can briefly lift my little head when lying on my tummy. However, it is difficult for me due to the fact that my neck and back muscles are not developed yet.
  • You can notice my smile, but, for now, it will be an unconscious smile, called the reflex smile.
  • I can locate the source of the sound and I can move my head towards it.
  • I know how to differentiate between your voice and other voices or sounds. It is your voice that calms me down and makes me feel safe.
  • If you tickle my soles, you will notice that my toes curl downwards, except the big toe, which curls upwards.

Week 6. - Newborn's 6. week - what to expect

  • I can lift my head for about 3 seconds, but it is still a difficult activity for me because the circumference of my head is 2 centimeters bigger that the circumference of my chest.
  • One of the developed involuntary reflexes is the stepping reflex. When you lift me under my arms in an upright position and my feet touch the ground, I will appear to be making stepping motions with my legs.
  • I begin to notice my legs and arms and I’m especially interested in the latter, which I like to put in my mouth.
  • From the moment I was born I’ve been able to distinguish between the sweet, salty, sour, and bitter tastes.
  • I can clearly recognize your smell and I react to your touch.

Week 7. - What happens the 7. week after birth?

  • I make guttural noises and cry loudly to express my emotions and communicate what’s wrong with me.
  • I mirror your emotions. If you are anxious or angry, I get anxious too.
  • I can recognize you by your smell and voice, and also by the way you look.
  • My grasp reflex has been developing a lot. I can grasp your finger so tightly that you are able to lift me with it.
  • I can only see the contrast of white and black colours and the rest remains blurry for me.

Week 8. - How is my baby development at 8 week?

  • I make eye contact with you and other household members.
  • You can observe the rooting reflex. Touch my cheek gently to make me turn my head in this direction and open my mouth ready to nurse.
  • I make all kinds of sounds such as quiet grumbling, puffing, smacking, whimpering. They indicate that my speech apparatus is developing.
  • I sleep through most of my neonatal life. Sleep is very important for me and my body is developing intensively during it.
  • Calmness and discomfort are the two emotions that I experience. There will be considerably more as I continue developing.