Month 4 - What can I do as a 4 month old baby?

  • I can hold my head up in a more stable position. I can lift it at a 90 degree angle and stay in this position for around a minute.
  • I try to lift myself up using my elbows more and more often to practice a position which will allow me to crawl at a later stage.
  • I am increasingly more active, so I will make my first attempts at turning to the side.
  • I express joy by smiling, kicking my legs, and waving my arms.
  • The involuntary reflexes from the neonatal period disappear at this stage. These include the Moro reflex, grasping, and crawling reflex. My movements are already more conscious and intentional.
  • I try to communicate with my surroundings. I make excited noises. My cooing consists of consonants and vowels, e.g.  gah, egu, erre, grrhu.
  • Cooing is an involuntary reflex which in the beginning was appearing spontaneously but now is a reaction to seeing you.

Week 13. - What is my baby development at 13 week ?

  • I’m perfecting my sense of sight. I consciously track moving items, follow you with my eyes when you go away. I react to seeing people that I know.
  • My cooing is accompanied by uncoordinated movements of my limbs and the whole body. They help me change the intonation of the sounds that I make.
  • My body is becoming less and less tense. I relax my neck, arm, and leg muscles.
  • I can grab a toy when you put it in my hand.
  • You don’t hear me cry so often. This is because I’m slowly learning to control my emotions. Also, you now know me better and can react to my needs faster, therefore stopping me from crying.

Week 14. - What is my baby development at 14 week ?

  • I sense depth and I’m beginning to see the world in three dimensions. I can recognize shapes and forms better.
  • I will visibly signal my dissatisfaction by turning my lips down at the corners.
  • I can already distinguish your voice from the voices of other household members. I’m also aware who a person close to me is and who is a stranger.
  • I’m keenly interested in my body. I enjoy looking at my hands and putting them in my mouth.
  • I put my hands together and pull my arms towards things. For a moment, I can grab a rattle when you put it in my hands.

Week 15. - What happens the 15. week after birth?

  • At the end of the third month of life my body symmetry can be observed. This means that I can hold my head in line with my body, which allows me to be more stable and lift my limbs from the ground.
  • My individuality begins to form this month.
  • I can follow a moving toy with my eyes and I don’t need to turn my head for that.
  • I experience more and more diverse emotional states. I can squeal with joy and demand contact with you. I will be bored when nothing is going on around and I will miss you when I don’t see you for a while.
  • I get distracted during breastfeeding due to the fact that the world seems to be more and more fascinating for me.

Week 16. - What is my baby development at 16 week ?

  • When the doctor pulls my arms I can assume the sitting position.
  • I’m developing a grasp reflex by gripping various objects. It’s important that I do it with both hands alternately.
  • I’m able to locate the source of sounds that I hear.
  • I’m interested in what you’re saying and the faces and expressions you’re making.
  • I can already see your facial features and I distinguish between red, green, and yellow colours.