Month 5 - How do I develop in month 5?

  • I will be able to bend and straighten my legs halfway while lying on my tummy.
  • I can freely keep my head up along with my upper torso.
  • I’m trying to lift my chest and arms while simultaneously stretching my legs. This is the so-called “swimming” movement which prepares me for crawling.
  • I’m very active. I’m flexing and bending backwards.
  • I enjoy looking at my hands and putting them in my mouth while lying on my back.
  • I’m trying to reach the toy by pulling my arms up. I am sometimes able to grab it, but often my attempts are only successful at touching the toy.
  • When I grab the toy, I simultaneously lift my legs up.

Week 17. - What is my baby development at 17 week ?

  • While lying on my back I might start to roll on to my sides. The most important thing is that I do it in both directions.
  • I’m perfecting my eyesight focusing it on items further away.
  • I consciously try to reach my toys. If I hit them with my fists, it’s intentional.
  • My rhythm of sleep and wakefulness is stabilizing. I can already sleep for around 4 hours at night in one go.
  • I am able to recognize your voice and I’m slowly starting to react to sounds.

Week 18. - Newborn's 18. week - what to expect

  • For the first time I am able to reach the midline with my arms. I can play with my hands and join them.
  • I recognize things and places and I also understand activities which repeat systematically.
  • I listen to the sounds the rattle makes.
  • I’m discovering that I can get your attention by crying.
  • I’m still developing best in the atmosphere of closeness, understanding, and your love, mom.

Week 19. - What happens the 19. week after birth?

  • I open my mouth when I can see a signal encouraging me to eat. For example, when you move your breast closer to my mouth or when you give me the bottle.
  • I exhibit the ability to grab items and I will gladly discover their different shapes and textures.
  • I get tired of too much stimulation quickly. Although I’m active, don’t overload me with activities.
  • I’m able to laugh and show my satisfaction. Being able to show happiness is a pivotal moment in my development.
  • By putting things in my mouth I’m preparing to learn how to eat and reduce the gag reflex. My mouth is becoming desensitized when I put my hands in it.

Week 20. - What is my baby development at 20 week ?

  • During breastfeeding I can get distracted quickly. When I hear an interesting sound, I will turn my head away from the breast.
  • I reach for the toys which hang above my head using both hands, trying to direct them into my mouth. This is how I discover the world. My arms and mouth are the zones which are the most sensitive to touch.
  • I train turns and flips incessantly. I move my legs energetically while on my tummy or back. I freely bend my body training turns.
  • I am able to turn my head towards the sound when someone calls my name.
  • I should sleep regularly. The period of my activity during the day increases making my naps shorter.