Month 7 - My 7 month old baby

  • I’m starting to get interested in what you eat. This is the perfect time to try new dishes and expand my diet.
  • I will be learning new things faster and more efficiently and I will keep perfecting my previously acquired skills.
  • If I haven’t put my feet into my mouth yet, I might try to do it now.
  • You’ll notice my first attempts at crawling which would be crawling backwards. When I’m on my stomach, I will push myself back using my arms.
  • My movements are becoming more and more coordinated. I can control my arms and legs more now. I’m training my abilities to reach and grab.
  • I can clearly distinguish between close people and strangers. I might be afraid of the latter.
  • I repeat and connect the same syllables, e.g. “pa, pa”, “ma, ma”. I try to repeat more consonants such as “mmm”, “sss”, “fff”.

Week 25. - What is my baby development at 25 week ?

  • I can rotate around my own axis when lying on my belly.
  • I’m perfecting my ability to prop myself up using my arms. When on my stomach, I prop myself up to try to reach a toy which is put in front of me.
  • I’m able to focus my eyes on one spot.
  • I touch my body, arms, legs, belly, I grab my foot and try to put it into my mouth. Thanks to this I keep learning about myself and my surroundings.
  • In order to change a toy which I’m holding, I first need to drop it before grabbing the other one.

Week 26. - What is my baby development at 26 week ?

  • I make better and better contact with my surroundings, I am inquisitive and enjoy discovering new things.
  • Your funny faces, games, and gentle tickling all bring me joy.
  • I can grab items without using my thumb. I’m able to grab two toys at once and try to put them into my mouth.
  • I perk up when I hear someone coming closer and I’m beginning to recognize familiar sounds.
  • I’m trying to sit independently, but I don’t want to do it without any support. I can’t sit with support for long either because it’s not healthy for my spine.

Week 27. - What happens the 27. week after birth?

  • I react to sound and turn my head to see which direction it’s coming from.
  • I can tolerate my daily routine better. It gives me a feeling of safety. Regular meal hours, walks, baths are all important for me.
  • I’m able to smash two things together and find and item that was dropped.
  • First social interactions can be observed. I’m able to notice children my age and verbally interact with them.
  • I absorb knowledge very quickly using my senses. I can associate different facts and prefer some items to other ones.

Week 28. - How is my baby development at 28 week?

  • Not only am I able to remember where the hidden item is but also events from a few days ago.
  • The feeling of attachment to my family is getting stronger. I approve of you, but when I see a stranger I get scared.
  • I need constant contact very much and I don’t feel well being left alone in the crib or on the mat.
  • I turn around and twist my body in different directions to be able to observe it from different perspectives. This is the first step towards independence.
  • From now on, there will be noticeably big differences between the speed of my and other children’s development. Each of us will be developing at our own pace even more.