Month 8 - How does an 8 month old baby develop?

  • I’m able to hold an item with both hands at the same time. To do so I use my thumb and my index finger and/or my middle finger.
  • I enjoy playing with my legs and I find it easy to keep my feet in my mouth.
  • You can observe an oblique sitting position (I support my body with my forearm on an extended elbow) from which I can get on all fours.
  • I will be crawling like a soldier in this period. I will be alternating between moving my arms and legs and my belly will be sliding on the floor.
  • If I don’t start crawling yet, you might observe the so-called belly-crawling, which is when a baby only uses its arms to move.
  • I should be able to keep the sitting position but if I don’t do it yet, don’t worry as each child develops this ability in their own time.

Week 29. - What is my baby development at 28 week ?

  • I extend both arms when I see my reflection in the mirror. I try to play with the reflection by joyfully clapping my hands.
  • I train my voice by making low and high sounds, as well as exclamations of satisfaction.
  • I perform bouncing. When you hold me upright, under my arms, with my feet touching the ground, I will energetically bend and straighten my legs using my ankle, knee, and hip joints. These will be my first attempts at standing and walking.
  • I’m able to roll over. I roll around in different directions vigorously.
  • My ever-louder and melodic cooing is not purposeful yet.

Week 30. - Newborn's 30. week - what to expect

  • I’m able to find toys that you hid from me and I follow moving objects with my eyes.
  • I’m becoming more and more social and I’m looking for contact with you and my environment.
  • I’m beginning to understand the concept of object permanence. I suspect that hidden objects don’t disappear forever.
  • My first baby teeth are growing but even without them I’m gaining skills of biting and chewing.
  • I begin to show my emotions more and more. I’m happy to see people I know and I keenly react to known sounds.

Week 31. - What is my baby development at 31 week ?

  • Before I do something new, I will look at you searching for tips on what to do. This is a sign of my trust and that I understand more complicated issues.
  • I’m acquiring the ability to judge how far the things in sight are.
  • At this stage I recognize more important skin sensations. My superficial sensation is already very well developed. Because of that it’s easier for me to get to know the world and my surroundings.
  • I’m able to grab a mug or a bottle and lift it up to my mouth without anyone’s help.
  • I’m still fascinated by my body and I love playing with my arms and legs and swinging them vigorously.

Week 32. - How is my baby development at 32 week?

  • I now recognize rhymes, counting and nursery rhymes that I’ve heard before.
  • My visual receptors are already able to register all colours.
  • I enjoy looking at falling items. It helps me learn about the cause and effect relationship. I find repeated events and phenomena very attractive as it makes me feel in control of the situation.
  • I can wave goodbye and I react to the phrase “bye bye”.
  • I cry when there’s a strong stressor such as a sudden shriek, outburst of laughter, sneezing, or a needle injection.