Month 9 - Infant Development Calendar

  • I will rock back and forth when I get on all fours.
  • I might try to move forward on all fours.
  • I can sit up from a lying position without help, I can crawl or move forward with one my legs tucked under my buttocks.
  • My ability to bite is developing. If I don’t have teeth yet, I will bite down using my gums only.
  • I’m developing my ability to move around. In the beginning I will bend my legs in the hip joint, which is called bouncing.
  • I’m becoming increasingly interested in toys. You can hide my favourite toy from me and see if I’m going to be looking for it eagerly.
  • I’m adding sounds from my mother tongue to my cooing. My speech apparatus has been developing just like in other children so far.

Week 33. - What is my baby development at 33 week ?

  • I’m able to coordinate my breathing better while moving, eating, swallowing, and making sounds.
  • I might be more reserved or shy. My mood will be shown on my face. It will allow you to see whether I like something or not.
  • I’m very energetic and grab things around. This, in particular, is the moment when you should baby-proof the house to make sure nothing bad happens to me.
  • I make attempts at climbing and hoisting myself up using my arms and grabbing everything I’m able to.
  • One of the better games that I play is dropping things and toys that you hand me.

Week 34. - Newborn's 34. week - what to expect

  • I understand the word “no” and I can respond by shaking my head.
  • I’m stubborn in trying to achieve my goal, whether it is a toy in the distance or an interesting item higher up on the shelf.
  • I can differentiate between the tone of voice of people who are closest to me. I read their faces and observe their behaviour.
  • I’m able to freely move the toy from one hand to the other. Although I might drop the toy from time to time, I still enjoy it.
  • I can notice that some items have similar features such as shape, colour, or texture.

Week 35. - What happens the 35. week after birth?

  • I alternate between vocalizing and listening to your voice to be able to say my first syllables and words soon.
  • With each passing day I am more precise about judging the distance to be able to grab items.
  • The sounds that I make are more resonant and my voice is more and more audible.
  • I enjoy interacting with you. I can repeat simple gestures such as waving or clapping.
  • I enjoy touching different items which have different temperatures and textures. This helps me develop my cognitive skills.

Week 36. - How is my baby development at 36 week?

  • I enjoy listening to you, although my level of concentration on one item or game is low. Don’t be discouraged and talk to me as much as you can!
  • I learn a lot of things in the bath. I practice my balance and coordination, discover my body, and my levels of stress go down.
  • I expect praise and encouragement. I look to you every time I do something new.
  • I protect myself from falling better and better. When I lose my balance while sitting, I will support myself with my arm in the front, on the sides, and even in the back.
  • I will still continue trying to put everything in my mouth or lick things. That’s how I learn about my environment.