Week 23. - What happens the 23. week after birth?

  • When on my belly, I prop myself up on extended arms, putting my open palms on the ground. I will be able to turn my head to the sides in this position.
  • I’m becoming more agile as I’m advancing to a higher level of motor development. I will actively kick my legs and I’m able to straighten them at the knees with my hips bent.
  • To an extent, I can control my body’s movements. For example, I can lift my hips when you’re changing me.
  • I grab things and put them in my mouth. I’m especially fond of paper and everything that rustles.
  • My first teeth might start to come in. When you notice that my gums are a bit swollen, I salivate excessively, and put my hands in my mouth, it’s a sign that my first baby tooth will soon come in.