Week 3. - What happens the 3. week after birth?

  • Crying is my only means of communication. It helps me express when I’m feeling uncomfortable because of a wet diaper or because I’m in pain, or the fact that I’m hungry or need to go to sleep.
  • I spend 10% of my day being active. When my eyes are open, you can talk to me in a calm voice or hum melodies.
  • I like lying on my back. Lying on my tummy can be tiring for me, but don’t be discouraged by my fussiness and try to put me in this position as often as possible.
  • In the third week of life you can observe what my temperament is going to be. Lively, loud newborns stay active and calm babies will stay calm.
  • I can recognize your smell and the sound of your voice and when you come closer I will also be able to see you.