Week 41. - What is my baby development at 41 week ?

  • I already know between 30 and 40 words. I still understand many more than I can express. Read me stories as much as you can, show me pictures and explain what is in them. That’s how you can support my speech apparatus.
  • I already know perfectly well what the cause and effect relationship is. Turning the lights off means sleep and drawing the water for a bath means that it’s time to be washed. If we haven’t managed to create certain routines yet, it’s never too late for that.
  • I don’t cry as much in new situations and I’m increasingly getting used to them.
  • I’m beginning to think more and more logically. I draw conclusions based on previous experiences. Everything that you show me is educational! Thanks for that, mommy!
  • I know how to express my dissatisfaction by waving my arms and/or legs. Try to be patient and understanding in such situations. Explain what is happening to me and why I have a right to be unhappy.