Week 42. - Newborn's 42. week - what to expect

  • I love smiling! I might now bother you only so that you would smile at me and make me laugh. If you smile at me, it will activate my sense of self-worth and benefit my future!
  • I love discovering things! Play hide and seek with me or hide my favourite toy under a pillow and you’ll see how much fun I have looking for it. Be appreciative of my attempts to find the toy. It gives me a lot of confidence.
  • It is now I who will initiate having fun. Follow my lead and stick with me with whatever game I’m currently engrossed in.
  • I’m getting increasingly better at interpreting the names of different objects. Also, I’m good at guessing their purpose.
  • I might be afraid of strangers. It’s a temporary stage which will disappear with age. When you notice that I’m afraid, stay close to me, hug me, and comfort me.