Week 43. - What happens the 43. week after birth?

  • I might try to take my first small steps to the side, next to furniture or a sofa. Make sure all dangerous places are secured so that I could freely practice, please.
  • Despite knowing how to crawl, I might sometimes lose my balance. It nothing that should worry you.
  • You might notice that when you hold me by my arms, I will start moving forward. Although it gives me joy, don’t do it as it is unhealthy for me.
  • I can already understand the meaning of “don’t do it”. I will stop my activities for a while when you say it emphatically, but don’t count on me not trying to make further attempts at touching things I’m not allowed to.
  • I’m interested in toys which are not really toys. Let me play with a wooden spoon or a sifter.