Week 45. - What is my baby development at 45 week ?

  • My eyesight is developing quickly and becoming sharper. This allows me to analyse what is happening around me and observe moving objects with greater attention. During a walk, stop for a bit to show me things I haven’t seen before, e.g. flying birds or frolicking dogs.
  • I make my first attempts at being independent. I can use a spoon to eat and I hold a cup of water on my own. Make sure I get plenty of opportunities to practice these skills.
  • I will be reacting to my name more and more often. I will be pleased to turn around when you call me.
  • I will be naming objects in my own way for now. Thanks to exercises though, I will be able to name them correctly in the future.
  • I can focus for longer now. Therefore, you can show me books and colourful pictures. Tell me about the characters that I see.